Just in time for AURIS KU's first appearance at Feschmarkt, the first photos from our latest shooting with amazing Djoana Gueorguieva are ready to be shown. The whole series will go online soon – watch out.


Thanks again,  Kareem Atallah and Evan DeVitto!  


Outdoor Shooting Day

Oh, it's always windy in Vienna! While trying to catch the perfect light, half of our equipment was flying away due to the stormy weather. Or Lisa's face was coverd in hair. Or the lense got dirty because of dusty air. But luckily Djoana has nerves of steel and an outstanding feeling for situations which enabled us to finish super fast. 

Find more photos from talented photographer Djoana Gueorguieva in the Shop or on the Collection Page.



Shooting Day

What an enjoyable shooting with lovely Aline, at Studio AB!

We were using layers of semitransparent materials due to Apollonia's prefernce to photographing without any editing, to create our abstract-floating images.

Handling our probs was quite a challenge but the struggle was worth it - check out all the pieces from the 1-5 collection in the Shop, photographed by the amazing Apollonia Bitzan.